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▪ T24 after hours service

24/7 emergency assistance (paid service)

For urgent assistance outside office hours please contact BCD 24 Hr Service.
The fastest way to get help is by calling the number* on your BCD Travel itinerary.

Your travelers play a critical role in the success of your organization.
Our job is to make sure that any problems or difficulties they encounter on their trip don’t slow them down.
BCD Travel’s T24 service is a critical element in our commitment to providing complete travel services and support.

What can T24 do for your travelers?

  • 24/7 emergency assistance, travel plan alterations
    and last-minute advice
  • Last minute reservations of flight (including tickets) related to departure within 24 hours of calling time
  • Departures the same weekend of calling time 24/7 reservations
    and re-booking through GDS (information provided for reservations made outside GDS)

T24 helps reduce the impact from last minute, urgent itinerary changes, making travellers more comfortable and productive - and enabling them to better meet their company’s business goals while on the road.
When your plans change or if things go wrong - just give the problem to us.

We can only rebook your ticket if you have booked at BCD Travel (Direct). An additional fee will be charged.